GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond is easily accessible. See how you can get to the start of this beach race the easiest.

By bike

Plan your stay close to Egmond aan Zee. This way you can easily explore the region and beach course and you're close to the start on the race day. Off course if you stay near Egmond aan Zee, we advise you to come to the start by bike.

A great place to stay in Egmond aan Zee is Hotel Zuiderduin. You'll stay in the village itself and the hotel is close to the beach, nice restaurants and the start on Boulevard Noord is nearby.

By car

Egmond aan Zee is accessible to car traffic during GP Groot Egmond-Pier-Egmond, although some roads are closed to traffic between 6.00 and 17.00 hours. These are the Sportlaan, Boulevard North, Boulevard South and Boulevard de Vassy, Vuurtorenplein and the north side of the Watertorenweg.

If you travel to Egmond aan Zee by car, free parking is possible in Egmond Zuid. If you use a navigation system, set it up on Egmonderstraatweg and switch off the navigation system upon entering Egmond aan Zee. From here, follow the directions of the traffic controllers. From Egmond Zuid it is about 5 minutes by bike to Sporthal de Watertoren. We advise you to leave in time because of the expected crowds. Do not park in places where this is not allowed, this is strictly monitored.

Tip! It is convenient to park your car in Egmond-Binnen, Egmond aan den Hoef or the parking lot at Sportpaleis Alkmaar. If you cover the last kilometers on the bike, you are at the start with warmed muscles, afterwards it is a nice cooling down and you avoid the crowds. Signage will lead you to Sporthal De Watertoren on Watertorenweg, where you can collect your starting ticket, among other things.

Public transport

For information about public transport, you can visit the following sites:

9292 OV